Strength Training Program

Strength Training Program

12 Seasons

This routine offers 3 full body strength training workouts per week- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The program progresses and varies week to week. Every 4th week has reduced stress to aid recovery and mobility. These workouts include a mix of Ladders, Interval Sets, Circuit Training, Bodyweight Rehab, and Bodyweight Training 2.0 for all around preparedness. Leave us comments on the quality of the workouts and overall program progression. This is a continuously improving plan based on your experience and feedback. Good luck!

Strength Training Program
  • 12 Week Schedule

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  • Full Body Ladders with Agility 1

    Episode 1

    Equipment: sturdy desk or straps, chair, chin up bar, dumbbells (optional)

    90-Day Warm Up

    Push Up & Let Me Up (starts 10:25)
    Pistol Squats (17:15)

    Agility Complex 1 (22:15)
    Windshield Wipers
    ITB Leg Lifts or (ITB Kickouts)
    Step Up Complex

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  • All Ladders with Swimmer 1

    Episode 2

    Equipment: chin up bar, chair, sturdy desk or suspension straps

    Back Lying Isolated Floor Exercises

    Chin Up & Military Press (start 16:20)
    Pistol Squat (23:45)
    Push Up & Let Me Up (31:50)
    Bulgarian Split Squat (38:15)

    Swimming Complex 1 (48:40)
    Rehab Pullovers
    Snow Angels
    Pelvic Tilts

  • Full Body Ladders with Agility 2

    Episode 3

    Equipment: sturdy desk or straps, chair, chin up bar, barbell with plates (optional)

    90-Day Warm Up

    Chin Up & Military Press (start 11:45)
    Bulgarian Split Squat (18:40)

    Agility Complex 2 (26:35)
    Short Kneeling Twist Reach
    Alternating Back Lunge
    Dynamic Squats

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